How are Musings structured?

Muse Theory is so new that the structure of the Musings are constantly evolving as we get more valuable feedback. 

The typical structure includes talks/demos, Q&As, small group breakout sessions, and we close out with reflections! *This structure will change once we are able to do the Musings in-person*

How can I be featured on Muse Theory?

We are always looking for new content and Musers to showcase on our page! Please DM us @muse_theory  and we will take it from there! 

How often do Musings occur and is there an attendee limit?

We really want Musings to have a personal, community-building experience. With that in mind, we are currently limiting Musings to 30 attendees. We are planning to do Musings every other month and move up the frequency pretty quickly-so don't worry, we will get you into a Musing ASAP!