Our Story

At Muse Theory we strive to build communities that are connected through the purpose of discovering what we are passionate and inspired by.

Muse Theory was founded in 2020 during COVID-19 when many individuals suddenly found themselves with ample time and space to dive deeper into their interests. Muse Theory became an instagram page (@muse_theory) to showcase incredible talent, powerful causes, and inspiring people.


After growing the account page, Muse Theory went to the next level of creating virtual events (soon to be in-person) where the “Musers” that were being featured on the account, could come and share their passions to a curiosity-driven and inspiration-seeking audience. These events brought out a whole new meaning to community-building and idea-creation as people from all backgrounds and interests could come together to share, reflect, connect, and grow.


We are so honored by the support we have gotten from our Musers through our social media accounts as well as our events, and we cannot wait to to keep fulfilling our mission of connecting people through their essence.

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CEO & Founder



Social Media Manager